Blessed we are to dance on this ground…. this is my prayer and celebration of life, full surrender and The Truth are my goals.

I have more than 20 years of experience in different optimal health modalities, including herbs, bodywork, yoga, tantra, healthy living, eating, working with trauma and bliss.

I have been on this wonderful miraculous journey, where I have healed and manifested things, situations, I wished for, I have loving relationships, and still learning from other relationships, I have full confidence in myself, the most authentic I have ever known myself to  be.

I like to poke and want the truth, always.

My intention most of the time is CLARITY, because i feel I move in a certain direction. And TRUTH, because I am a truth seeker.

I am on the neverending journey to myself, continuously discovering the treasures i was given, learning to be more myself. 

My latest and biggest passion is breath – it is so easily accessible, the bridge between the spirit and the material, and can open parts of our bodies and psyche that are not normally accessible.

​We can really dance on this earth in orgasmic bliss when we breathe to our full capacity! with awareness..

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