Become a great lover


Get back into your body, be totally present here and now. Relax mentally and physically.
Sensual ritual that will make your sexual energy flow into all parts of your body.
If you want to have / or learn the Big Draw – full body orgasm, more intense experience, the massage needs to last longer, at least 1,5h plus. The longer you book, the more we can play, the deeper, more intense and longer lasting (like weeks) the experience. You are in control of the whole session, our mutual connection, how you relax into the moment. If you need i teach you how to be in control of your penis.


Prostate massage can give a man the feeling of an internal orgasm, same feeling a woman has when she comes inside her vagina.
It can even further intensify all other feelings during the massage. It is very healing for the man, a prevention to prostate cancer and it is a must have if you have problems with your prostate. It helps to release fluids that make semen that can build up in the prostate.
Part of prostate massage is a (relaxing or stimulating) massage of the buttocks and anus. We massage it via the anus with a gloved finger. 

The treatments may or may not include consultation services on
how to last longer,
how to breathe daily and during lovemaking
​how to self-pleasure
how to have sex, that is satisfying for both of you
how to move the sexual energy in the body,
how to connect with your partner,
how to please your girlfriend,
how to improve your health
 – inspired by ayurveda, yoga, common sense and my own experience


Tantra Massage

1,5h  € 300 / £ 250
2h   € 350 / £300
2,5h  € 420 / £360
3h   € 500 / £420
4h   € 650 / £550

4 hand / couple double the price – negotiable
6 hand triple – negotiable

Prostate massage
it is free of charge in the treatments over 2 h long

Please add  100€ travel expense to all visits, or more if it is longer to travel. minimum outcall is 2h appointment

Generally the longer treatment you have the extra special care you get and the longer it lasts. We have more time to play!!!

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