Tantra massage for women

Melt, transform, empower.

The massage is always tailored to your needs. The aim to is to loosen any blockages in your body, so you can feel more comfortable in / with your body, accept and love yourself more. I invite you to explore your whole body and your sexuality how you would not normally. You may be asked to breathe into body parts in order to fully feel and be aware of whatever is present. Moving your body and making sounds makes the energy move. The massage is deeply relaxing, very sensual, soothing, sexual, exciting, beautiful, done in a very respectful, sacred manner, I treat your whole being like a goddess, unlocking divinity in every part with every touch. I care to listen deeply to what your body wants. It strengthens and nourishes intimacy towards yourself and your relationships.

I offer 1/2h extra free on your booking (if you book 1,5h, you get 2h massage and pay for 1,5h)…

2h is 300 euro 2,5,h 350 3h. 400

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Entrance to the Cosmos
Your yoni is what drives the world. You should keep it healthy … toned and free of drama. Yoni is our compass if we listen to her. Vagina is like a sponge – it absorbs everything be it joy or fear or baby or a penis. We have to take care of our womb and vagina with our thoughts and emotions, self care like massage, sports, breath, vaginal lifting. I really think that this is where our true power is.
Vaginal reflexology or yoni healing, releases any stored up mechanical or emotional trauma, tension, from unwanted sex, childbirth, not enough joy, etc. It may not be comfortable or it may be blissful, both at the same time. You will definitely feel more joyful, centered and expanded, loving afterwards.


Yoni egg strengthens and lubricates vaginal muscles, stops incontinence. Relaxed firm vagina = young face. Better sex and more powerful orgasms guaranteed. We use JADE (nephrite) , because it does not have any pores, it is heavy and it nourishes the kidneys. Even few minutes 3 or 4 times a week is enough to make a big difference.


Women’s breasts are magical. Women should massage their breasts few minutes everyday. You can massage out any lumps and bumps, it really works, plus you connect with your heart centre – the heart intuition, unique to women. Breast massage supports healthy flow of sex energy and makes your boobies more beautiful and firm.

I offer courses on both the jade egg practice and breast massage.