Wild Retreats

My intention is a complete reset, rejuvenation, if that is possible in 1 weekend. To go as wild as possible – Walk barefoot, bathe in cold waters, and have relaxing muddy hot baths, climb mountains, admire trees, and ingest breathtaking views, be in nature as much as possible and connect with nature as much as possible by different means… The power of nature is very very strong. To learn breath and how the breath can make you more present, healthy, magnetic, how to use sexual energy correctly, essentially to feel the spirit more.

I want you / us to feel supercharged, vibrant, sexy, connected, rested, clean, pure, nourished, clear, inspired, high on life. My hope is that you continue to use some of the simple techniques that we experience during the time we spend together. To live your life fully feeling as part of all there is, more present and more fulfilled.

Each retreat is individually designed to your specific needs – please have your questions, requests, intentions be curious Health Ayurveda Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Tantra, Sex, Intimacy, Cold immersion, Herbs, Foraging, Breath, Mind, Body, Spirit,

Hoponopono… IloveyoupleaseforgivemeIamsorrythankyou.

This is intended to change your life deeply, to upgrade your DNA, I expect nothing less than miracles.

Please CALL me for any queries

Beautiful Spring Retreat 2023

How does it go

We start as soon as possible on a Friday (with lunch or walk – to talk about your intention and to get to know each other), check into accommodation, the programme starts. We check out on Sunday. We talk about the weekend, you can give me feedback.



K.: ‘ This is the best i have felt in the last 10 years. I have more energy, I feel more sexy, our sex life has improved, my wife is more sexy, maybe because i feel more manly myself. I am more fit – i go to gym and do pilates, i hiked few times – which was unimaginable for me before.

L: I met Gods. pure magic, I have clarity, you are my spiritual goddess!